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Why I Stream the Boring Stuff

Last week I was streaming while creating a content calendar for my online posts. I was blogging, planning & all the not fun stuff. I’d honestly rather be painting, no question. I had to ask myself mid-stream, “Why am I even streaming this right now?” The answer goes along with why I need a content calendar in the first place.

Visual art is undeniably a form of communication. When I consider:

  • My art is communication.
  • My business is art.
  • Business is done through communication with clients.
  • Most of my communication is done online or via apps.

I realize the boundary between making the art and creating access to that art loses definition. Communication is not a one way street. I want to communicate my art, but I’d also like reciprocate with other artist’s pieces. So blog posts, photos on Instagram and Tweets are all a part of that dialogue we have as artists with each other and our audience.

Blogging, networking and administrative tasks are a part of my art, even if I’d rather be painting. Maybe they’re the boring part, but that’s just another reason to stream while I do it. Come keep me company and make this process more fun!

Lastly I’m streaming while I do the boring stuff because as soon as the stream starts I go into work mode. It’s like clocking in. It helps keep me on task. Anything that helps, I do it!

If you’d like to explore the concept of sharing your process with your audience as well as the finished pieces I’d recommend picking up Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. He wrote about it better than I just did.

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