When I stream on Twitch I want to play good music. UH OH rights issues! That makes sense. Cool news: if I have permission, then I can play it.

If you have music, send it my way with a note that I have permission to play it. I’ll add it to my playlist. As I gain viewers, you gain listeners! The playlist (which is very new, adding all the time!) will live right here on this page.

All genres welcome! In a perfect universe I’ll have so many tunes on the list I can have multiple playlists!

The List

  1. What Do You Think? | Bradley Kallhoff
  2. Colours | Chromic Lights
  3. Be My Amiga | Bradley Kallhoff
  4. Carnival| Chromic Lights
  5. Would You Notice? | Bradley Kallhoff
  6. What To Say | Bradley Kallhoff
  7. The Way You Make Me Feel | Bradley Kallhoff
  8. Your Dope Track | You [Links to your facebook or whatever!]