8 Projects

I would like my art to be more deliberate. So this week I’ve been exploring the uses of art. Everyone knows it can be decorative, but it can do a lot more than look pretty. For example the process itself can bring joy or catharsis, which I find very healing personally. Art can also communicate, stimulate commerce, and build community.

I’m not drawn to making commercial art. Though I’m not adverse to the idea of being compensated, it has been unfulfilling to create with that intention. I also ruled out satire because there are simply other skills I’m more interesting in developing. I found that though I value decorative art, I don’t prioritize it over directions that are more personally meaningful.

Examining what art can do has brought me to four core objectives:

  1. Gaining Self Knowledge
  2. Sharing Knowledge
  3. Building Community
  4. Coping & Healing

Having this clarifying compass in tow, I pulled out the list of project prompts I’d been building. I handily whittled it down from 45 to 21 ideas. Out the remaining I looked for the ideas that were most significant to me. I also looked for the prompts that overlapped more than one of the objectives I’d set for myself. I was left with a list of the 8 projects.

In no particular order:

  1. Create a tarot deck.
  2. Write a book that explains reconciling atheism with paganism.
  3. Create an authentic hand painted grimoire filled with my favorite spells.
  4. Write a book of poetry.
  5. Write a book on how to be yourself.
  6. Authentic hand decorated punk jacket covered in hand-embroidered patches.
  7. Interactive installation piece about siblings and family.
  8. Do an autobiographical series of photos.

It was immediately obvious to me that these projects are much more challenging than the projects I have been working on. I find these 8 projects incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. Also I’m surprised to find that very few of them have a focus on painting, which is my primary medium.

I was shook to find several projects relating to paganism on my list. I haven’t practiced any form of my spirituality for years! I feel incredibly vulnerable and insecure about those projects in particular. Which I think bears some further examination. I will blog about each projects meaning, purpose and insecurities in more depth as I start tackling them. Stay tuned.